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Looking for a great paying, exciting and refreshing career in technology. Mechatronics is a dynamic field that changes daily with the rapid improvements in technology and computer systems. If you like to work with highly automated equipment, computers, hydraulics and pneumatics, and if you like to see what things are made of and how they work using both your mind and your hands, you will enjoy this program.

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The Mechatronics Program at Greenville Technical College prepares students to inspect, diagnose, repair, service, and install electro. It will also enable those currently employed in the field to develop additional knowledge and skills, which will enhance their ability to perform duties as technicians in industrial and service organizations.

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has been a leading source for AC and brushless DC tubeaxial cooling fans and blowers since 1979.
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The term mechatronics was first used 40 years ago and today, a multitude of companies embrace its principles. It emphasizes that mechanical, electrical, control, and software engineers all play a vital role in building electromechanical systems. Traditionally, companies that made mechanical systems let mechanical engineers lead, while those that made electronics assigned the lead to software and electrical engineers.
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Mechatronics is the science, that exists at the interface among the other five disciplines: mechanics, electronics, informatics, automation, robotics.
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